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Life Insurance Lawyer

If you are involved in a life insurance or annuities legal issue, or are concerned that you are being taken advantage of by an insurance company or broker, it is important to understand your rights as soon as possible; life insurance law cases can be highly complex and the statute of limitations may be ticking, meaning you only have a certain amount of time to take action.

Life Insurance and Annuities

Life insurance and annuities law is fraught with complexities and specific legal nuances that are unique to this ever-changing area of law. As such, it is crucial to partner with a life insurance lawyer who focuses exclusively on this area of practice; general practicing lawyers may well be ill-equipped to handle these areas of law, and one mistake can prove catastrophic.

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Life Insurance Litigation

Most people buy life insurance without having any understanding of the policy they are buying. Many financial advisors do not adequately understand the product they are selling, and fail to properly explain how it works. There are many areas of complexity in life insurance that can lead to mistakes, misunderstandings or worse.

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Elder Financial Abuse

Sadly, financial elder abuse is a spreading issue perpetrated against seniors throughout Los Angeles and the United States. The fact is, seniors are often unsophisticated and have money to invest — money they have accumulated over a lifetime of hard work. That makes them a target for insurance agents and financial advisors. Fortunately the California legislature

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